The honeymoon is over

I can officially say that the honeymoon is over, in regards to my healthy eating plan. The initial excitement and motivation have worn down. NOW is when it is hard. NOW is when I need to rely on God’s strength.

April hasn’t been the greatest for me, but it hasn’t been a total failure either. I stopped recording what I was eating for a few reasons, but I won’t whine about it, I’ll just say the main reason: laziness. I had quite an emotional day about 10 days ago. Something happened that really hurt my heart. All I wanted to do was find the closest chocolate and stuff my face. But I stayed strong. I repeated over and over again Psalm 63:5: “You satisfy me more than the richest feast.” I was lacking something that day (and the days that followed) and instead of filling it with food, I prayed over and over again to God to give me strength to get past the temptations. And He did. God is faithful.

While I am glad to say that just yesterday I have started to record my food again (thanks to a new app I downloaded, My Fitness Pal. Its a lot easier now), I am feeling the temptations more now than I did at first. I just like to eat! Ugh. I wish that eating wasn’t one of my favorite things to do, but sadly it is. So now is my test. The temptations are coming every day, so we will see if I rely on God’s strength to get me through these temptations. Because I KNOW I cannot do it on my own

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