You are what you eat. So true.

So, writing on my blog isn’t my top priority. It was a busy week, and blog-writing fell to the wayside. But sometimes, even if I have a spare minute or two, I don’t always know what to write. My journey to a healthier life – physically and spiritually – probably isn’t incredibly interesting to anyone other than myself, and it isn’t even interesting to myself sometimes. But, a couple of interesting things happened this past week.

First of all, I messed up. For work purposes, I attended “The Art of Food” show by GFS at the Novi expo center. Lots of tasty things. Last year, I totally stuffed myself. As in, I think I literally rolled out of there. This year, I was determined to not do the same, nor to mess up my healthier eating habits. At first, I snapped a photo of everything I was putting into my mouth. But, that got old really quick. You see, every 5 feet is another set of food samples for tasting. I didn’t taste everything. And at first, I was being very careful about what foods I chose to sample. But, as time went on, I started making justifications for tasting other things that I know aren’t very good. (Fried Macaroni & Cheese bites, anyone?)  I still didn’t stuff myself like I had originally planned, but I sure ate some things that I shouldn’t have, even if it was just a taste.

The next day arrives. I kind of felt blah in the morning, but I attributed that to the fact that I had done a lot of physical work the night before (moving around boxes of food leftover from the show that was donated to the Salvation Army). But around noon, I thought to myself, why do I feel so crummy today?Then it dawned on me. “You are what you eat.” I ate crappy food the day before, and now I was paying for it, because I certainly felt like crap last Thursday. Let me tell you, its a motivation factor, having experienced that. When you can feel what a difference that crap food makes, it makes you want to stop eating it. A couple of small bites of some fried food and sugary treats made me feel icky all the next day. That’s not worth it. There are plenty of healthier food choices out there that I ENJOY eating that won’t make me feel that way.

The other interesting thing that happened this week, is that I got excited about my meal plan. Okay, maybe that isn’t incredibly interesting, but hear me out. About 2 months ago, I stumbled across a website Shrinking on a Budget. It’s meal plans that are advertised as healthy, quick & easy, kid-approved, budget friendly, and delicious. Too good to be true, I thought, but for only $10 for the year, and each week I would get dinner ideas, lunch ideas, dessert ideas & a grocery list already made, I decided it was worth a try. I admit I wasn’t too into it at first. Between the 4 of us and our food preferences, I think we’re all quite the picky eaters. But I tried a few things, and they were pretty good. The month of March though, I have returned to the idea of meal planning. When meals are planned in advance, you are less tempted to run to fast food or a quick-prep meal with all kinds of preservatives and junk when you think about what’s for dinner. So I plan out meals, and when I’m grocery shopping, I only buy what I need for those meals.

So here’s what I think about Shrinking on a Budget so far. The information I get every week is simple & organized. The meals ARE usually very quick & easy. Even though I am just tracking calories on Sparkpeople and not doing Weight watchers, the WW points are provided, as well as calorie/fat/carb info on everything. And I love that even though every meal might not be considered picky-eater friendly the way it is written, they provide tips for how to quickly adjust it for the picky eaters in your family. I can’t say that I’m spending less than I was before, but that’s because healthy eating does cost a little bit more than buying strictly from the canned & boxed food sections of the grocery store. Thankfully though, the grocery list provided makes grocery shopping a LOT easier for me, and it does still help me from over-spending at the store. I’d recommend Shrinking on a Budget to anyone looking for meal plans! It’s worth the low cost.

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