This journey doesn’t have an end

Twice this past week, the pants that I wore felt a little big. That’s such an awesome feeling. Success tastes so sweet. I still don’t know how much I’ve lost. I am going to the doctor tomorrow, so I’ll have an idea, although I can’t know exactly, since I didn’t know my starting weight. I know my weight from several months ago, but then the holiday season happened, and well I am sure extra pounds went on at that time. But I keep telling myself, “I am not defined by a number.” Regardless of what the number says on the scale tomorrow, it will not make or break my day, because I KNOW in my heart already, that I have tasted success.

I have been chugging along on this journey, maybe getting a little too familiar, as I’ve set down my Made to Crave book for almost a whole week. I should have been done reading it by now, but I haven’t. So I picked it up again yesterday. Again, I continue to be amazed by the words that I read….as it is always seemingly what I need to hear.

When people think about the various diets out there, they ask questions such as, what do I have to give up on this plan? We do I have to sacrifice? Ugh. We don’t like that word, sacrifice, do we? I think that is why Weight Watchers is so popular. They advertise that you don’t have to give up all your favorite tasty treats, you just have to count your points and allow yourself room for those tasty things that you don’t want to give up.

But another question we may think to ourselves, “if I make that sacrifice for a season, can I eventually go back to eating whatever I want without regaining the weight?” You see, sacrifice for just a short time seems doable to us. So we hop on that fad diet. But sacrificing until we no longer crave what we gave up? Eek. That takes discipline on a whole new playing field! Is this even possible? On my own strength? No way. I am weak. I am human.  But God’s power revels in our weaknesses!!! I can do ALL things through Jesus Christ who gives me STRENGTH.  Yes, I can, with God’s help, stay on this journey for the rest of my life.

This morning I got caught up on my “Jesus Calling” desk calendar. I really should have kept up, because February 27th entry was surely for me:

“Keep your eyes on Me! Waves of adversity are washing over you, and you feel tempted to give up. As your circumstances consume more and more of your attention, you are losing sight of Me. Yet I am with you always, holding you by your right hand. I am fully aware of your situation, and I will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able to bear.”

Oh yes, tasty temptations have certainly come my way. And its not at all that I’ve been contemplating giving up altogether…but I do experience moments of weakness where I want to eat something and NOT write it down in my online food journal. The hardest part I suppose is trying to justify a tasty treat, because I still have enough calories in my range for the day. It goes back to what I read about in Made to Crave.  I need to get to a point that I am not feeling that I’m sacrificing, that I don’t WANT to eat those things, because I crave a healthy lifestyle and closer relationship with God than some tasty treat.

I cannot wait for that day of victory when I can say that I am at my goal weight. But my journey doesn’t end there. Like Lysa Terkeurst writes in Made to Crave, I cannot wait to be at a place that is not wrought with sacrifice but rather a place where I see healthy choices as overflowing blessings so pure and rich, I’d never trade them.


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