Success is measured in different ways

I have no clue how much weight I have lost, if any.  But I have been successful. Here’s a few ways that I know:

  • I have not ran (oh man, is that proper English?) to any fridge or cabinet during times of heightened emotions in the past 6 weeks.
  • I have been recording what I’m eating and tracking calories for the past 6 weeks. (And, with the exception of 2 or 3 days, I have stayed within my target calorie range)
  • I have not had heartburn at all in the past 6 weeks, and it used to be a near daily thing for me. Eating better = feeling better.
  • A few days ago, Chocolate Cheesecake was right in front of me, and I DID NOT indulge.
  • Last week someone told me, “I can tell you are losing weight. I can see it in your face.” Awesome. It’s stuff like that that keeps me going.

Admittedly, while I have been continuing to read Made to Crave, I haven’t been keeping up with the online Bible Study. I gave it a try, but I realized it was simply the book that I was enjoying, not necessarily the online part of it. So, I’m just doing it at my own pace, whenever I get a chance to go online.

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