No, I didn’t quit. Sorry to leave you hanging (in case I do have any readers out there who were particularly concerned about why I haven’t posted in several days). I attended a retreat for Youth Leaders in the Salvation Army. It was a great time.

Healthy eating update: Today was a good day. I kept my calories low, and despite the food cravings that I have had, I have turned to scripture instead. I haven’t started tracking my weight yet, as I still haven’t purchased a scale for my house, but I am tracking what food I eat daily at I used that website daily during my weight loss of ’08, and it was a big help. So far so good.

Chapter 4 of Made to Crave is good. Its basically about accountability and asking a friend to help you along the way. Honestly, when I made the decision to do the Made to Crave study and start a healthy eating journey about 3 weeks ago, I just figured this would be between me and God. Well, that’s great and all, asking God to join me and help me in this journey. But seriously, having a person right there, an audible voice to tell you “You can do this,” is extremely helpful. So here’s what I’ve done. I came clean with my hubby. I told him about what I am doing and about this study. And we’re going to do this together. Because we both NEED to lose weight, for our health.

Now I love my hubby and all, but….he’s a guy. I don’t think I need to explain to anyone that even though guys can struggle with food too, its a little different for us girls. So I need a girlfriend to come along side me too. I got that gal in mind, and I’m going to give her a call.

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