Time Management issues. I need to find that Round Tuit…

It’s been a week since I first posted. I’d like to start this post off with some successes from this week:

  • I drank my last Pepsi on Sunday.
  • Tried a couple  “healthified” recipes this week.
  • Moderation. I’ve been much better at my portion sizes, especially desserts.
  • Finally decided to surrender this part of my life to God on Sunday.

That’s a good week I think. I still haven’t stepped on the scale yet, I haven’t started my food journal, and I haven’t done any exercising (okay I want to go walk but its HOT outside!). But, celebrate every victory, even the small ones, right?

I’m still not “gung-ho” about this weight loss effort. I mean, yes I want to lose this weight and keep it off, but again, its hard work, and it takes TIME. And this is another fear I have; that I’m not going to be able to “make time” to do this.  Ever since I went back to work after having David, I have been struggling with managing my time.  Between Work & commute, there goes almost 10 hours of the 24 hour day. I have to sleep, plus getting myself & the kids ready to go in the morning, there goes another 8-9 hours. That leaves 5 hours. Oh and after work, I cook dinner, feed David, and eat myself, there’s another hour. Okay so that leaves 4 hours a day, Monday thru Friday, to spend time with my kids & husband, do chores around the house, be a Creative Memories consultant, take Lily to playdates, do the grocery shopping, pay the bills/balance the checkbook, spend time with God (which I admit has been lacking lately), plus more! None of those things I just listed are negotiable to me. Of course Phil does help with the chores, and its not like I take Lily to playdates every night of the week. I have been a little better this summer, as we have cut out the cable, and so I haven’t been watching any television really. Maybe a movie on the weekend, and Friends reruns while I’m in bed trying to go to sleep, but that’s it.  And I do feel that sometimes I am on the computer too much, but honestly, at least 80% of the time, its because I am: returning emails, paying bills online, doing stuff related to my CM business, searching for printable coupons/sales/etc, and now, blogging.  Okay the other 20% is just doing stuff on Facebook. But here is another success this week: In the past 5 days, I have cut back my facebook time by at least 50%.

Okay, I kind of got off on a tangent there. The whole point I was trying to make, is that I am struggling with time management as it is. I keep thinking to myself, how am I going to make time for the meal planning & exercising? Well, I don’t have a sure-fire answer yet, but I’m taking baby steps. [That reminds me…okay, another tangent coming]  Another struggle I’m having is related to this time management issue, and that’s David. I love both my kids to pieces. But when Lily was a baby, I always knew I’d have at least 1 more kid. But with David…he MAY be my last baby! And so when I am home with him, I never want to let him go! I don’t want to miss anything. And the times I do set him down to play on his own so that I can get a chore done, I feel so guilty! He goes to bed between 8-8:30, then I’m getting Lily ready for bed, so then its 9 pm, and I realize I have only 2 hours to accomplish everything on my To Do list that is a mile long. And I NEVER finish everything on that list. So its a never ending list. Ugh. [One more side note: I want more kids, but I don’t know how moms of more than 2 kids do it! I feel like I’m already spread so thin with only 2 kids!]

I’m posting my struggles such as these, because the more I “talk” about them, the more I am able to realize how my issues play into why I overeat, graze, and binge eat. I think its helping so far. I’ve been able to take the red pill [if you don’t get that, you need to watch the Matrix] and see my life for what it really is.

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4 Responses to Time Management issues. I need to find that Round Tuit…

  1. Karen Van Heukelem says:

    I’m so proud of you Cassie!

    When you’re ready for tracking and such, I strongly recommend http://caloriecount.about.com/ – they have great tools and it’s all FREE! (as a fellow Mom, I know you’ll appreciate that 🙂 ). It’s a great accountability tool as well, it grades you on your progress (but is nice most of the time!), and helps give realistic goals and time frames, knowing nothing happens overnight! I liked Neil Armstrong’s LiveStrong site, but I like this one better (since LiveStrong started charging for random stuff and made me feel weird for not being a fitness and health fanatic).

    God will give you all you need to succeed: whether it’s strength, perseverance, family/friends, or suddenly terrible traffic and poor service at Starbucks :).

    Love you!

  2. Becki says:

    Heck – I run out of time with just one kid!

    As trite as it sounds – you need to make the time for you because you’re worth it!

  3. christina sampt says:

    WOW Cassie! Congrats on all the baby steps! They are bigger than you think and every success is to be praised. I finally read all of your posts and there are so many heartfelt emotions and I feel like you are talking to me too.

    It has taken almost 2 years for me to lose less than 20 pounds so I know it is hard. It took me 6 months to finally accept and change my portion sizes and types of food I eat. Yes, I still enjoy many “bad” things, but in the grand scheme of calorie allotment per week, I am willing to accept it as long as I get to still keep the weight off.

    Exercising, I started doing light weight lifting 1x week and I was sore for days on end; that was a hard pill to swallow since I was weight lifting 5 days a week when I met my husband over 12 yrs ago. I refused to believe I was gaining weight, out of shape or having more asthma issues because of my health. This took me almost 2 months before I moved up to taking Pilates 2 x wk; thought it would be the easy way out, boy was that tough, hurting in my mid section since w/ baby 2 I was fat and happy! 🙂

    All in all, I have tried many different exercise classes until I found the mix I liked and could have fun, real good healthy FUN, with and I still get sore, but it has turned to a labor of love and it is for ME.

    (sorry so long!) Find your goal, make it little, like 1xwk workout for 20 mins, track it and then add to it. That is what finally made me accountable. God bless and know that there are many footprints in the sand walking with you. 🙂

  4. mom says:

    1) one of the best home workout is the original callenetics. always has been, always will be. low impact, highly effective, fast results.
    2) everyone one earth only has 24 hours per day to juggle life. the best quote i’d ever heard was a list of other people you may know who had only 24 hours per day to accomblish all they had done: “ghandi, mother theresa, albert einstien, thomas edison, and so many other incredible people”.
    3) yes, you can schedule yourself into that list of things to do. the hierarchy of love is: first God, then self, then others. it is he only way to success in any aspect of your life.

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